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Delivering Management Training Excellence

Our aim is simple – to bring high quality training on management system issues to a platform where it’s accessible to whoever wants to use it, whenever it suits them.  It’s a recognition that the days of sitting in a classroom being bored by powerpoint presentations have gone and that the new normal brings the chance to explore new ways of learning.

Our Courses

Contributors to the platform are all highly skilled and competent individuals working in the field of management system development, training and audit – what you get from us is the real ‘here and now’ thinking from a team who eat, sleep and breathe management systems.


Our foundation level programmes covering the main management system standards – these base level courses explain the background to the standards and the underpinning concepts, and provide a clause by clause overview of the requirements.


Our auditor courses provide participants with the basic knowledge needed to undertake internal audits.


Implementation courses provide much greater depth of learning, with a range of worksheets providing resources for the participant to work on outside the bounds of the learning programme to consider the issues the standard presents for their business.

Short Study

These programmes cover a range of topics and are designed to be quick inputs on a focussed aspect of management systems

Who do we work with?

Elliem Training work with individuals who are developing their own careers, right through to large organisations who need to deliver skills and CPD to their employees. 

For Individuals...

We know how difficult it can be to be ‘the only SQE Manager in the business’ and offer a range of supported activities for individuals including our CPD programme, mentoring sessions and development of bespoke learning. Talk to us about your needs.

For Organisations...

Providing high level and up to the minute training and input is our game and we are good at it. We can work at all levels of the organisation, whether it’s driving the board to develop SWOT analysis and undergo some strategic training or working to explain what the management system is about to the shop floor. Talk to us about how we can help you take your organisation forward.