Learning with Elliem

Our online learning platform enables us to develop and deliver top quality material which participants can study in their own time. We bring all the essence of high quality classroom based training but without any of the hassle of travel, hotel accommodation, sitting in draughty classrooms etc. You get the best material and you study in your own environment. Supporting materials provide further input.

Foundation Level

We offer Foundation level programmes covering the main management system standards – these base level courses explain the background to the standards and the underpinning concepts, and provide a clause by clause overview of the requirements.  These courses are ideal for anyone who ‘wants to know more’ about a standard and those starting out on the development of management systems.  Organisations may also wish to use these programmes to meet the requirements for delivering employee awareness training.  The course is delivered as on line material and the course participant can work through it at their own pace. 


Our Auditor courses provide participants with the basic knowledge needed to undertake internal audits.  We offer a basic Internal Auditor programme which is not standard specific and have bolt on modules which allow the student to focus on particular standards and how to audit them.  The basic auditor training can also be supplemented with more advanced training offered by Armstrong Clark Training.


Our Implementation courses provide much greater depth of learning, with a range of worksheets providing resources for the participant to work on outside the bounds of the learning programme to consider the issues the standard presents for their business.  These worksheets will help the organisation develop a well thought out and structured system and have been developed as a result of Armstrong Clark Training’s many years of experience in system implementation.  The courses are split into 3 modules, and can be undertaken at the learner’s pace through self directed study.

Short Study

Short Study programmes cover a range of topics and are designed to be quick inputs on a focussed aspect of management systems eg ‘Supplier Evaluation’ ‘Achieving Legal Compliance’, ‘Environmental Aspects and Impacts’, ‘CDM – The Basics’ etc.

CPD Service

Join our on-line CPD programme and receive 10 input sessions throughout the year, all focussed on really topical quality management system issues.  With material produced by system experts Marsha Armstrong and Jennie Clark, the CPD service offers input, a test of your knowledge, related material and a chance to discuss issues with the wider network, and provides the chance to develop your knowledge at your own pace and at a time to suit you.

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